Regional Director

Nora Murat joined IPPF in 2012. She has considerable experience in the non-governmental organisation (NGO) field, both in Malaysia and internationally – in particular on issues related to women and human rights. Prior to IPPF, she was an Executive Director with Amnesty International Malaysia. Earlier professional life included working in Afghanistan for the Women and Children Research Foundation, the Asia Foundation and with Sisters in Islam (SIS) in Kuala Lumpur as a leading advocate on women’s rights and fundamental liberties. Nora’s commitment to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) is supported by her academic background including a law degree, diploma in Sharia Laws and Legal Practice from the International Islamic University and a Masters in Religion and Public Life.

Nora and her senior management team oversee and support the work of Member Associations (MAs). The team is responsible for ensuring that good governance and high standards are maintained among the MAs. They play a critical role in managing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes. They fulfil an important communications function by voicing country and regional concerns in central policy meetings, and in ensuring that Federation-wide policies and strategies are implemented regionally and locally. They work with their respective Regional Councils to plan work, allocate resources and manage budgets.