Korea Population, Health and Welfare Association

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The Planned Population Federation of Korea (PPFK), a leading non-profit organization founded under the Maternal and Child Health Law, has played a great role for the successful implementation of population and reproductive health program since 1961.

 Its objectives are to maintain population stability through the sustained implementation of the population and reproductive health program, to promote family health and welfare, and to improve the quality life of the general public by creating a sound and healthy family environment.

 In pursuit of these objectives, PPFK runs information, education, and communication (IEC) programs to raise the public awareness of population issues, and is active in young people’s education and participation. Besides, PPFK delivers the MCH and Family Health services directly (particularly to women and children) through its 13 branch clinics; it also provides mobile outreach services to increase the access to medical and health information and services of vulnerable groups. In addition, the development and distribution of high quality materials have contributed to creating the family friendly childbirth and childcare environment and promoting good sexual and reproductive health practice. 

Website: www.ppfk.or.kr