Promotion of Family Health Association of Laos PDR (PFHA)

The Promotion of Family Health Association of Laos PDR (PFHA), a collaborating partner of IPPF ESEAOR, was set up at the end of 2012.

PFHA's vision is to provide all Lao people with innovative and up-to-date reproductive health (RH) information and quality services for a healthy and happy society, contributing towards bringing Laos PDR out of least developed nation status.

Among the issues faced by the organisation are strengthening institution, building reputation and resource mobilisation.

PFHA's work is based on four key strategies: promoting family health for those in the remote areas of the country; empowering individuals through awareness-raising on RH knowledge, information and services; supporting health service providers at the local level to have adequate knowledge, information and skills, and work in collaboration with government authorities, relevant stakeholders, and other civil society organisations (CSOs).

Contact Information:

Promotion of Family Health Association of Lao PDR (PFHA)
Ban Phonsaat, House No 272, Unit 18, Phonsa ath Village, Saysettha
District, Vientiane Capital, PO Box 1

Tel: +85 (6) 2141 3261 
Fax: +85 (6) 2141 3261